About us

Organisation: Civic Association


PREVEDA was created by bringing together people who desire to reshape the society in which we live. Contribute to its improvement as much as possible. To point out its shortcomings and, together, try to solve them. We know that this journey is not easy and often endless. However, it is the endeavor of all of us to show efforts and activities that will lead to our satisfaction.

We want to assist in implementing plans because your plans are our priority. We will be helpful in education, culture, understanding, and social schooling. We aim to reach out to a predominantly younger generation, like-minded people and to help them at an early age for their personal development, future success, education, and general perspective, at the highest possible level. Our activities will be directed mainly to the regions that confidently expect our help. We aim to improve the quality of life in those parts of Slovakia where time seems to have stood still, where modernization and quality of life have been given the red light. We will orient our activities towards the socially weaker groups to facilitate their social integration. We have experience in the field of culture, which we are happy to use to preserve indigenous folk traditions and creativity.

STATUTES (in SLovak)


Members of PREVEDA


Ing. Miroslav Ferko, PhD., Head    

Centre of Experimental Medicine of the SAS

Ing. Pavol Farkaš, PhD.   
Institute of Chemistry SAS

Ing. Ján Vagaský  
Security Engineer

Ing. Milan Valach, PhD.


Mgr. Miroslava Ferková


Mgr. Miroslava Ferková

Mgr. Dagmar Litterová

Mgr. Ľuboš Littera