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Interactive Conference
of Young Scientists
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  • Cellular metabolism, physiology, molecular biology and genetics

Mapping and influencing metabolic pathways in biological systems, enzymology and kinetics, membrane processes, function of the organism, organs and organ systems, morphology, structure and function of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, immunochemistry.

  • Biotechnology and Food Technology

Classic biotechnological processes, innovative approaches to biotechnology, food industry and agriculture, bioremediation, functional foods, genetically modified potravinykvalita and authenticity of food, nutrition and health.

  • Utilization of instrumental methods in the analysis of biologically important substances

Separative, spectral, electrochemical methods and their combinations, analysis of biological materials, samples of the environment and the food chain, validation of analytical methods.

  • Organic, bioorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology

Pharmacology of human and veterinary drugs, organic synthesis, synthesis of drugs, pharmaceutical technology, development, preparing and control of drugs, drugs delivery systems, ecotoxicity, human toxicology.

  • Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Control and protection of the environment, landscape and applied ecology, geographig-information systems, environmental and landscape engineering.

  • Biophysics, mathematical modeling, biostatistics

Biophysics, biophysical medicine, mathematical modeling, biological statistics.

  • Open section for students

Section devoted to university students for presentation of their work, or partial results. Section is not thematically divided: "ring free."

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