XIV. ročník Interaktívnej Konferencie Mladých Vedcov

XIV. year of Interactive Conference of Young Scientists

Registration for the current year is closed. Eventually, it will be open soon. Thank you for your patience.

„Knowing the causes is real science," Francis Bacon. But, how do we find out the causes?

The civic association Preveda, in accordance with its goals, organizes in Slovakia in a unique and innovative way a conference intended mainly for young researchers, focusing mainly on life sciences.

We provide the opportunity to present your work in an easy way, an interactive discussion on professional topics and obtain a full publication of papers peer-reviewed conference proceedings. We believe that with your help we will be able to start a series of conferences with this project, the content and high level of which will help to maintain the level of education as well as to make the study of the young scientific community more efficient.

„...the main purpose of falsifiability is to make the scientific theory testable and predictive.” Sir Karl Popper.


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6. June
30. June 2022

XIV. year of Interactive Conference of Young Scientists