Nájdi v sebe vedca










Getting youths to science and gaining their interest is the ambition of the project "Find a scientist in yourself," organized by four institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Pavel Marcely Primary School in Bratislava.

The project started in 2017 and continued in 2018. Within the framework of the project, primary school pupils received additional information "from the life of science" in an interactive way, which directly relates to the curricula of technical education, physics, biology, and chemistry.

The civic association All4Science created the project. Its main goal is to raise awareness about science, take an active approach to the promotion of science towards the public, and present science to primary and secondary school pupils in a fun way.

All4science offers activities for schools directly within the teaching process in subjects such as chemistry, physics, technical education, and biology through fun experiments. We also offer extra-curricular activities such as clubs or workshops and day camps for children, where children/students/students will introduce adequately to science.

We aim to encourage creative thinking and increase interest in the above subjects and related science disciplines through children's natural curiosity.