Colon surgery via UNIPORT 2021

Colon surgery via UNIPORT 2021

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MUDr. Jan Danko PhD., MPH100%100%100%
Ing. Zuzana Brnoliaková PhD.60%60%60%
RNDr. Zora Krivošíková PhD.60%40%100%

Colon surgery via UNIPORT 2021

Jan Danko1
1 SZU Bratislava

Introduction: Uniportal colorectal surgery as upgrade of laparoscopy belongs to advanced surgical procedures and is not yet wide spread. Against the fact that this method is in the world fully accepted in therapy of benign and also malign diseases of colon, some places in our region still suffer of lack of daily application.
Material and methods: We have done analysis for year 2021 of patients operated in our hospital trough single incision because of colorectal disorders and we did evaluation of functional and also of cosmetic result.
Results: In observed time period we have operated 20 patients. We intentionally analyzed just year 2021 and did not analyze previous years, because of COVID plaque was amount of operated patients radically decimated and also benign/malign ratio does not respond to long time statistic. None of patients had a major complication. In 12 month follow up were all patients satisfied with cosmetic and functional result.
Conclusion: Uniportal approach in colorectal surgery is considered as safe and precise method with fully comparable oncological outcome to other methods. According our analysis single incision does not have massive handicaps in comparing to conventional laparoscopy but has expressive advantage in decrease of parietal trauma.


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Greetings, great job done! I am curious what are the actual statistics within Slovakia and/or EU about the incidence of CRC. And what is the ratio and/or rate of diagnosed patients that are eligible for surgery intervention. Thank you in advance for you reply, ZB

Unfortunately, I do not dispose of Slovak statistics, but in the world is the CRC third most commonly diagnosed cancer. In cancer related death it ranks on second place and is leading in group of men younger than 50 years.

My working place is in Austria and because of good screening system we have seen inop case rarely. Unfortunately, during COVID era it became more frequent. Exact statistic should be ready in winter 2023.

Good morning, thank you for you reply... Obviously statistical data comes with certain delay because of necessary processing time.

You can find them on NZCI´s website (National Health Information Center).

See the link:

All the best, ZB

Good morning,

This is the last one in NCZI register: Incidencia zhubných nádorov v Slovenskej republike 2014.




Hi, this are the ECIS data: