Unveiling a novel Co-V mixed borate via high-pressure synthesis using multianvil press

Unveiling a novel Co-V mixed borate via high-pressure synthesis using multianvil press


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ISBN: 978-80-974608-0-8

Unveiling a novel Co-V mixed borate via high-pressure synthesis using multianvil press

Janaki Devi Somasundaram1 , Hubert Huppertz2
1 Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
2 Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Innsbruck, Austria

High-pressure synthesis using the multianvil press is one of the most important synthetic strategies to prepare structurally versatile materials. Multianvil press is an instrument which employs quasi-hydrostatic compression of the samples and could generate pressure upto 25 GPa. Borates, gallates, germanates are the most widely researched group of compounds in the widespread field of high-pressure chemistry. Here, we focus on bringing out a synthetic strategy that clicked in preparing the first-of-its-kind mixed transition metal borate M5B12O25(OH) where M = Co and V possessing shared occupancies. The Co-V mixed borate, Co5-xVxB12O25(OH)crystallizes in tetragonal crystal system with space group I41/acd.


Very nic presentation!

Thank you Dr. Lukas!


very impressive work. I am curious about the application potential of Co-V mixed borate compounds. Can you, please, clarify the areas of expertise and research fields where it could be applied, especially with its emphasis on its features and properties (that you might listed here and there as well)? Thank you in advance for your reply, ZB

Dear Dr. Brnoliakova,

Thank you very much for your thought provoking questions. I have briefly answered your two questions as follows. 

Question 1: Application potential of Co-V mixed borate

Ans: Co-V mixed borate could possibly be put to application spectrum in the fields such as Photocatalytic Hydrogen production and Photoluminescence. I derive reference and motivation from an Indium borate In5B12O25(OH) published from the same research group headed by Prof. Hubert Huppertz and it is a analogous structure to the present Co-V mixed borate and it showed excellent application potential in photocatalytic H2 production and photoluminescence.

(Reference DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1002/anie.201804083)

Question 2: Relationship between the structural features and the application potential

Ans: i) Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production: This is due to the fact that the borates have a semiconductor property and thus it is feasible for the conduction band to facilitate electrons. The compound Co-V mixed borate could play a dual role of light absorber and proton reduction catalyst and thus caters to the possibility of appreciable hydrogen evolution rate.

ii) Photoluminescence: This property may be observed if there is a possible doping of later lanthanoid elements possessing smaller ionic radii such as Eu3+ as was observed in the reference Indium Borate In5B12O25(OH).

In case of more questions or further clarifications with current explanation, I am kindly at your disposal.

Thank you.

- Janaki Devi Somasundaram


Dear Janaki, thank you for your agile and exquisite reply. I do appreciate your explanatory notes. I wish you all the best in your further research activities. ZB

Thank you very much for your evaluation, Madam Brnoliakova !

We wish you a wonderful day and on behalf of the entire organizational team, let me congratulate you on your outstanding success.

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